Nga greyhound puppies for sale

The ultimate running dog, the Greyhound is built for speed. Long legs and an arched back enable the dog to contract and stretch maximally while executing the double-suspension gallop. Greyhounds have tremendous muscle mass and light legs, further enhancing speed. The feet are long and narrow, giving maximum leverage. The long tail serves as a rudder and brake when running at high speed. The coat is short and smooth.

Retired NGA Greyhounds are smaller, sturdier, and faster than show dogs and, given their past training in racing, may be more inclined to chase small animals. Sighthounds—dogs that could run after and catch game by outrunning it—were one of first types of dogs selectively bred by humans. The prototypical sighthound has always been the Greyhound. Greyhound-like dogs have been depicted since ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman times.

The name Greyhound may come from Graius, meaning Greek, or from the Latin gradus, denoting high grade. By Saxon time, Greyhounds were well established in Britain and were valued by both commoners for their ability to put food on the table and by nobility for the sport of the chase.

Even when they were repealed, Greyhounds remained the dogs of nobility because with the growing importance of agriculture and domestic animal food sources, the running dog was not economically advantageous. Instead, Greyhounds were used for coursing hare for sport, and during the s coursing became a consuming pastime of the upper class. Early American immigrants often brought Greyhounds with them to the New World. Here they proved adept at coursing on the open plains.

Track racing, which began inproved so popular that dogs were bred specifically for short bursts of speed, ultimately resulting in the fastest breed of dog.

Greyhounds continued to compete at dog shows, which they had done since the s. They were AKC recognized in The breed soon became divided into show and racing types, which were seldom interbred. In America, the Greyhound is one of the least popular breeds according to AKC registrations of show stock.

They are good with other dogs, and with other pets if raised with them. Outdoors, they may tend to chase any small thing that moves. They are reserved with strangers, very sensitive, and sometimes timid. Despite their independent nature, they are eager to please those they trust. The Greyhound needs daily exercise, but it is a sprinter, not an endurance runner.

Give this dog a chance to run in a safe location or provide longer walks on leash. The Greyhound loves to run and chase outdoors, and can easily run into danger at great speed unless exercised in a safe area.

Greyhounds relish creature comforts and must have soft bedding and warmth. The coat is extremely easy to care for, needing only occasional brushing to remove dead hair.

See which breeds may fit the bill.

nga greyhound puppies for sale

For prospective dog owners who are interested in a particular breed, purebred rescue ….A 4, year-old carving on an Egyptian tomb confirms the antiquity of these dogs. Capable of reaching speeds of 37 miles per hour, Greyhounds are the fastest canines in the dog world.

nga greyhound puppies for sale

They are sensitive, sweet, elegant, brave and loyal, but they can be willful. Very intelligent, their character is often undervalued because of their reserved behavior towards people. Gentle and even tempered, they should be socialized early to prevent timidity.

These dogs love routine. They need to run free in a fenced yard. Grooming needs are minimal. Greyhounds weigh 60 to 70 lbs. Contact the dog breeders below for Greyhound Puppies For Sale. There are currently no breeders available for this breed. Simply request Pet Breeders to contact you promptly! Breeders will email or call you with specific breed information and available pets and prices. In the modern world, the Greyhound is known as a sleek racing phenomenon.

Able to reach speeds of 45 miles an hour, this athlete is truly a joy to behold. However, you might be surprised to know that this lovable dog is really lazy at heart — fond of endless napping and time with the family. Although famous for short-distance bursts of top-speed acceleration, outdone only by the cheetah and pronghorn similar to an antelopethe Greyhound is actually a sprinter, not a distance runner.

Should you choose to adopt this loving and cuddly gem of a dog, you only need to take it for a normal daily walk as you would any dog. It does not require a taxing run on a world-class jogging track. While sometimes erroneously associated with other sighthounds like the Saluki and Sloughi, the Greyhound genetically is more historically related to herding dogs. Evidence of the Greyhound was first discovered in Egypt, where carvings from to BC were found in ancient tombs.

As docile as these dogs may appear, they were fearless hunters of every kind of prey, including fox, stag, deer, and its favorite, the hare. The Greyhound was firmly established in England by the time of the Saxons. This refined, elegant dog has always been a favorite of aristocracy and royalty who in some cases mandated exclusive ownership. It made its way to Europe during the Dark Ages and was so revered for its hunting ability during that time that any commoner living within 10 miles of European royal hunting grounds could not own a Greyhound.

The Greyhound is also among the first of the breeds to be recorded for show in the United States, with the Westminster Kennel Club featuring 18 of them in They made the American Kennel Club studbook in Appearance Lovely, lean, and graceful, the Greyhound is probably the epitome of the "running dog. With the power of a small automobile, this impressive canine can reach speeds of 45 miles an hour, and most importantly, can run for long distances without getting tired.

Such traits contributed to its excellent hunting skills, one of its main jobs historically. The Greyhound has a deep, wide chest tapering to a narrow, fine belly, and has long straight legs, long, finely arched neck, an exquisitely shaped head, and rather dainty rose-shaped ears.

The short, sleek, fine fur can be of any color.

Greyhounds for Sale in Kansas

The AKC type is generally taller, narrower, and has a long arched neck, longer legs, deeper chest, and a more arched back. The NGA type is not "aesthetically" the classic Greyhound as described above. Its muscles appear almost "knotted" under the smooth, short coat. However, this type is actually a better racer with faster speeds than the classic AKC type.The Greyhound Racetracks Each racetrack is licensed by the state racing commission to conduct pari-mutuel greyhound racing in accordance with the rules set forth by the state racing commission.

The racetrack does not own, breed, buy, sell or race any greyhounds. The Contract Kennel The kennels are contracted by the track to race greyhounds. Each kennel agrees to provide a number of active greyhounds, usually 30 to 50 in number, to race at the track.

In return, the track provides kennel space on the grounds for the racing greyhounds to be housed. The kennel receives purses based on a percentage of the mutual handle and the performance of the greyhounds.

Some contract kennels own all of the greyhounds they race, while others lease the bulk of their greyhounds. The Greyhound Owner The owners are either breeders, or they purchase greyhounds from breeders. Some greyhound racers are bought as young pups, while others are bought when they are ready to race. The price of greyhounds varies according to age and breeding. When greyhounds are ready to race, they are then leased to a kennel who is contracted by the track. From this point on, the kennel is responsible for all expenses incurred for the caring of these greyhounds and the kennel then pays the owner a percentage usually 35 percent of the purses the greyhounds earn.

Purchasing There are a multitude of breeders who offer their future racers for sale, and many advertise in The Greyhound Review. Prices vary widely from breeder to breeder and increases as the pup reaches maturity. Ask for a list of persons the seller has sold greyhounds to in the past and learn all you can about the quality of the sire and dam of the pup being considered for purchased. If the puppy requires veterinary care other than the usual vaccinations and worming, an additional fee will be charged.

Older Greyhounds At 12 to 14 months of age the pup has begun its training and already is beginning to show its future potential, or lack of it, to the breeder.

Be very careful!

nga greyhound puppies for sale

If you are buying one of a litter, be sure that you pick your pup by random drawand do not allow the breeder to select one for you. Another way to purchase a pup at or near racing age is to attend the NGA auction, held in the spring and fall. Here you will see puppies race against others of the same age in actual racing conditions. Again, before bidding, check the background of the breeders of the pups you are interested in buying.

Have they sold pups at the auction before? How did they fare once they were sent to the racetrack? Placing the Pup If you are to ensure that your pup races at a certain track, perhaps one near your home, talk to kennel owners who are contracted to race there and arrange the placement of your pup in advance. Most tracks require greyhound owners to sign a lease to the kennel owner. Make sure that the lease provides for prompt payment of commissions 35 percent for regular purses and 50 percent for added money is a common practice, however, actual commission rates are subject to negotiation and allows you the opportunity to terminate the lease if not satisfied.

Also, the lease should allow you to participate in decisions about moving the greyhound or care of the dog if injured or otherwise deemed unfit for competition. Apparently, the standard answer is, ask the National Greyhound Association. The letters flow in daily asking the same questions. It is a page collection of invaluable information regarding all facets of the Greyhounds--from anatomy, function and reproduction to raising, training, therapy and therapeutic medications.

Most brokers--someone who sells Greyhounds from pups to track age--generally offer a one-time fee.

Greyhound Puppies For Sale

They operate much like car salesmen or realtors. If all this sounds gloomy, it was meant to. You can experience the profits, excitement and fun experienced only by greyhound owners! Owning a racing greyhound can be fun, rewarding and profitable.

There are many success stories. But keep in mind, the nature of the business: High risk, great rewards. National Greyhound Association.Toggle navigation. Puppies for Sale. Find a Puppy! Breed Info Greyhound. Country of Origin The Greyhound comes from England, but its roots can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt, where carvings from BC are found depicting the dog. The 'grey' in Greyhound may derive from the Latin word for 'high grade'; it is unrelated to the color though there are grey Greyhounds.

The modern day Greyhound became a very popular racing dog and was bred for short bursts of speed. Today, the breed is the fastest dog in the world and can run at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, but Greyhounds have also become a popular pet.

Hundreds of rescue adoption agencies have arisen to provide homes for ex-racers. Popular for their athleticism, Greyhounds also serve as the mascot for many sports teams and the logo for Greyhound Bus Lines. Size The Greyhound has a shoulder height of cm The Greyhound has a long, narrow head with small, folded ears, long hair, and a very deep chest.

nga greyhound puppies for sale

It has a highly flexible spine, dark eyes, and a long, graceful neck. Its speed comes from its large lungs and heart, powerful muscles, and a special gait in which all its feet leave the ground simultaneously twice per stride. Coat Greyhounds have a smooth, glossy, short-haired coat which requires infrequent grooming and bathing.

Greyhounds can come in any color, particularly orange, black, white, fawn, or a roan of these colors with or without white markings. Character Greyhounds are calm and sociable. In contrast to their extreme speed when racing or chasing something, they can be so relaxed indoors that some are considered lazy. The Greyhound is intelligent and sensitive, with tremendous stamina.

Greyhounds bond very closely with their family.This is a resource list of responsible adoption groups that the National Greyhound Association has proudly endorsed as adoption partners in the successful efforts of placing retiring greyhounds into pet homes. This process can take up to six months. National Greyhound Association. NGA News Review. Email: president racinghome. Greyhounds of the Verde Valley. Arizona Heartfelt Hounds. Box Clarksdale, AZ Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption.

Ingram Blvd. West Memphis, AR Greyhound Adoption. Colorado Greyhound Adoption. Friends of Retired Greyhound. West Haven, CT Email: info ctgreyhounds. We Adopt Greyhounds. Greyhound Pet Adoptions of Delaware. Lucie Counties. Lauderdale Areas: Crystal Carroll - greyhoundlover gmail. Evansville, IN Box River Forest, IL Greyhounds Only, Inc.

Puppies for Sale

Geneva Rd. Central Illinois Greyhound Adoption. EMAIL: sharonpalm comcast. BoxSugar Grove, IL Box 63 Grandville, MI GPA - Kansas. Email: gpa gpalouisville. Bluegrass Greyhound Adoption, Inc. EMAIL: rehomegreyhounds gmail. Augusta, ME Greyt Expectations.Overview : The Greyhound is a playful dog that enjoys the company of other canines and animals.

This breed is somewhat easy to train in being a watchdog and has good protection potential. This dog enjoys being with its owner and gets along well with other humans. The Greyhound doesn't stand up well against the cold or the heat but also doesn't have a lot in the need for grooming. Temperament : A calm and well behaving breed, the Greyhound is a respectful and obedient dog. If raised alongside them, this breed gets along well with other dogs and animals.

However, they often chase smaller animals when given the chance. The Greyhound is shy around strangers at first but warms up to them over time.

History : It is unknown as to when or why the Greyhound was bred as there are little to no records of its breeds beginning. The name of this dog could be derived from Graius, which means Greek, or from the Latin word for high grade, gradus. During the time of the Saxons the Greyhound was used in Britain by both commoners and nobility for different reasons. The commoners liked it for its ability to hunt for food and the nobility liked it for sport.

In the early 11th century only nobility were allowed to have Greyhounds and they were to be kept near forests the nobility owned. This law was repealed years later. However, the Greyhound was still considered a breed reserved for the noble classes as it was not the best for hunting because it would be more of a liability to those that couldn't afford to own such a pet.

This breed was brought to the United States by early American immigrants. Eventually, it gained popularity as a racing breed for the masses. Today, the Greyhound is used and bred for racing almost exclusively. It is very difficult to obtain a puppy of this breed outside of the National Greyhound Association which exercises strict control over breeding and ownership. It is possible to adopt retired adults. Physical Characteristics : The average adult Greyhound can reach a height of 27 to 30 inches and can weigh about 60 to 70 lb.

This breed has a single coat that is made of short hair that has a smooth and firm texture to it. The color of the coat can be any of these; black, white, red, blue, fawn, brindle, or any of the colors with splotches of white. Care : This breed needs to go for a run at least once a day to stay in shape.

The best environment for this dog is a safe one as it tends to run and not be able to stop in time and a place full of danger is not the best place for that. It enjoys living outdoors with a lot of space to itself with things to entertain it however it does need someplace comfortable and warm to sleep. We require all advertisers to agree to our advertising terms.

You should ask the Greyhound dog breeders you talk with for references from past buyers and veterinarians. Toggle navigation MENU. Choose Puppies by State:. Dog Stud Services. Frequently Asked Questions. Terms of Use. Greyhound Information. Names : The Greyhound is known exclusively by that name.A sleek, contoured dog built for speed with a very deep chest and an extraordinarily flexible, curved spine.

The head is long with almost no stop and the muzzle tapers. The skull is wide between the ears. The small rose ears are folded back. The Italian Greyhound is an elegant, miniature fine-boned Greyhound with a long head thinning gradually to a pointed muzzle.

It has a dark nose, thin lips and a healthy scissors bite. Like his larger cousins. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and client communication.

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